What is a Trail Chaplain?


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Spiritual pilgrimage trails around the world are more popular than ever before!

Whether you desire to hike the PCT, AT, or Camino De Santiago trail in Spain, AT Servants' desire is to send godly Christian men or women to journey long distances with the spiritually depleted. 

It takes a special person to be a long-distance chaplain. Christian chaplains are laid back enough to go with the flow but highly motivated and self disciplined enough to carry though a plan.

The Camino (550 miles) takes about 32 days to hike. The AT (2178 miles) and PCT (2650 miles) take about 6 months to hike. We are willing to send chaplain teams out for as little as 2 months on the AT and PCT.

As a Trail Chaplain, the hike is no longer your own. When you become a chaplain, the hike is about others. How? First, you must tailor your hike around the people God has put in your path. Second, you must enter a daily online journal for the benefit of others. Thousands of people, including your supporters, will be reading your daily journal. Being a trail chaplain is the hardest job you will ever love.

While being a chaplain is a big burden to carry, the satisfaction of completing long sections of the Appalachian Trail, pushing your self to the physical, mental, and spiritual limit, and the pleasure of having been obedient in sharing your faith with hikers in walk and word is worth the sacrifice!

It is no use walking anywhere to preach unless our walking is our preaching.” ~ Francis of Assisi

A.T. Servants works to provide as much help as possible to our Trail Chaplains. Here are a few things that we strive to do:
1. We provide a place to raise financial support

2. We offer to help in pre-trip training

3. We provide prayer support and encouragement

4. We offer to help with on the trail support

5. We provide access to our trail network

*If you plan to apply, call or write us. We'd love to correspond with you.

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